Our accounting services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • *Preparing and reviewing financial statements
  • *Compiling and auditing accounting reports
  • *Preparing financial forecasts and projection
  • *Online accounting services
  • *Startup accounting services



With experience handling the complex needs of large national and multinational corporations, we provide financial solutions for the most sophisticated financial requirements. For middle-market companies, we offer a depth of resources and local presence that ensures an understanding of your market.


Whether you need a term loan or a revolving line of credit, we can help with a plan that is customized for your company and configured with a variety of traditional or innovative terms. With creative financing arrangements and fast, local decision-making, we can help you capitalize on opportunities as they happen.

Asset Finance

We provide loans and leases to finance the equipment and other assets your company needs. Serving a broad range of industries, we can provide your business with both straightforward asset financing products and sophisticated leasing solutions.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

Our lending professionals work closely with developers, investors, and construction professionals to provide financing for constructing new projects, rehabilitating or repositioning existing projects, or funding working capital. We also provide access to permanent financing on a non-recourse basis.

Capital Markets

For companies looking for multibank credit facilities, needing long-term debt and/or equity financing, we provide loan syndications, investment grade and high yield bonds, convertible debt, and equity financing. Services include origination, distribution, and trading to the broad credit markets to ensure that you receive the most competitive market-clearing financing.


Options to help mitigate risk and protect your company.


Be sure to see our Retirement Roadmap for retirement information and seminar schedules.

We offer a wide variety of financial solutions for every stage of investing, including:

  • *Mutual funds, annuities  and professionally managed accounts
  • *Traditional and Roth IRAs
  • *401(k) account consolidation
  • *SEP IRA
  • *Profit Sharing

Retirement Plan for a Business

  • *Funding options to meet your retirement needs.
  • *Retirement plans help attract and retain top employees.
  • *Immediate tax deductions for contributions.

Investing Basics

  • *Investment strategies to meet your needs
  • *Risk reward ratios of various asset classes
  • *Developing an investment plan that works for you
  • *Inflation is the biggest threat to meeting retirement needs

Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT)

Modern Portfolio Theory is a recognized strategy employed in managing investment portfolios. MPT invests in asset classes and market sectors that are deemed to have become undervalued. Those assets include stocks, bonds, precious metals, real estate, natural resources, international stocks, etc.

Modern Portfolio Theory employs both fundamental analysis and technical analysis in determining which asset classes and /or market sectors are consider undervalued. As the markets go through their various phases, the opinion of analysts is weighed against the opinion of technicians who, through technical analysis, seek out undervalued securities.

In employing MPT as an investment strategy, undervalued securities with target prices that offer a positive risk/reward ratio of at 3 to 1 or better are given priority in the selection process.


Retirement Planning Seminar

We host free seminars on retirement planning that address both financial planning and estate planning issues. We cover pensions, 401(k)s, 403(b) TSAs, etc. Click here for more information.


Disclaimer: Investors should contact their advisors (tax, legal, etc.) before making any decisions  investments or otherwise, as a result of any information offered on the WTC website, any of its newsletters or any seminars posted or sponsored by the WTC. None of the information here is an act to solicit.