My experience with the World Trade Council taught me a lot of different lessons on how and how not to manage a small business. I learned firsthand how to manage payroll and how to keep track of sales data, and additionally I learned how to properly market a business to customers through different mediums such as social media. I was also given the opportunity to participate in the hiring process and was allowed to conduct interviews with possible candidates. The World Trade Council also provided me with the opportunity to lead a team on various tasks assigned to us and allowed me to work with a group of highly talented individuals. My time at the World Trade Council has helped my communication and management skills as well as prepared me for a future in the world of business.” – Christian Slezak, Fall 2015 Intern

Being an IT intern at the World Trade Council gave me a lot of real world experience. Running into all kinds of technological problems, my problem solving skills increased greatly as I had to learn new technologies, do research on them, and figure out the problem it was causing. I was able to work in a group setting, with a team of other interns from various backgrounds working on their own projects, assisting when needed. I also worked outside the IT world, increasing my knowledge with finances, including bookkeeping and payroll. I received the experience I needed and a good start to my career. I really appreciated the opportunity to work with the World Trade Council organization!” – Chris Borek, Fall 2015 Intern

I would like to thank you for allowing me to be an intern with The World Trade Council.This experience has been one that will be hard to forget. During my 10 weeks with the organization, I have learned many valuable aspects that have prepared me for opening my own catering company.

I enjoyed becoming savvy with payroll management and bookkeeping. These two skills are essential when running a business, and I am grateful to have learned them before embarkingon my journey. Assisting you in the hiring process was a unique experience that exposed me to the core of business operation. This task opened my eyes to which qualities to look for inindividuals, in order for a business to be successful. Learning to renew licenses is also an essential part of one owning their own business that I acquired during my internship.

Altogether, my experience with The World Trade Council was unique and benefited me greatly. If I had the opportunity to work with the organization again, I most definitely would. The World Trade Council has given me the tools necessary to succeed and have molded me to become prosperous within the field of Hospitality. I would once again like to thank you for the opportunity to work with your organization. I wish you the best of luck in all of you endeavors, and I hope to work with you again in the future.” – La’Chelle Pearson, Fall 2015 Intern

“Working with WTC has been educational, exciting, and fun. My writing, editing, and communication skills have improved exponentially through my position as a Communications and PR intern. One of my primary tasks included overseeing several social media accounts. In doing this I learned how to use Hootsuite, a website I would not have gotten extensive experience with without this position. I was charged with creating marketing campaigns for numerous business ventures, and even executing the campaigns. I was given the chance sharpen my presentation and communication skills while creating and carrying out the various campaigns. Additionally, I was able to employ the skills I have learned in my college courses to edit documents and to create new and more effective documents for a myriad of different occasions. I was able to gain experience in areas outside of my internship position…including finance, business management and research. This internship has given me the opportunity to put my academic skills to the test outside of a classroom and to further shape my career goals.” – Gianna Petan, Summer 2015 Intern

“Being the IT intern for the World Trade Council provided me with real-world experience. I was given the chance to employ the skills I learned in the classroom in the workplace. I am an international student, and benefitted greatly from this experience. The working environment is very positive, welcoming and allowed me to better my English-speaking skills and learn about American Culture. Working as a member of a team was very beneficial, giving me skills that make me a competitive candidate to other potential employers. I gained problem-solving techniques through working with other interns on certain projects.” Chen Eu,Sia, Summer 2014 Intern  


“The World Trade Council greatly increased my ability to function in a group setting. As all employers today are looking for people who can work in a team setting, working for the WTC was crucial in allowing me to demonstrate my ability to work in a team to employers. The WTC also greatly enhanced my comprehension of the complexities inherent in business, aiding my ability to prepare for the issues I will face in my career. Above all, the WTC gave me experiences which I was able to include on my resume and show to potential employers. It was because of my work at the WTC that I was able to get hired in the fall of my senior year of college.” Andrew Massot, 2012 Intern