Interns will engage in the creation of communication and business development strategies for WTC. This position will entail the building and maintaining of strong client relationships. Additional responsibilities will include marketing of business enterprise that range from spirited entrepreneurial endeavors, such as Chicago area marinas, to the procuring and maintaining of real estate properties. Applicants should possess or currently be pursuing a degree in Marketing or similar major.

PR and Communications

Interns will be responsible for enhancing and maintaining the image of the WTC and the business associates they serve.  They also provide a direct line of communication between WTC and the public.  Interns should be knowledgeable in the area of social media networks such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, and WordPress.   They will be responsible for the daily upkeep required 0f each of those networks. Applicants should possess or pursuit of a degree in Mass Communication or Public Relations.


Interns will receive hands-on experience in creating and maintaining the legal contracts WTC currently possesses and may require for its ongoing entrepreneurial activities.  Applicants for this internship position should either possess or be pursuing a law or legal aid degree.

Information Technology

Interns will be assigned to assist with providing computer hardware, software and technical support. Interns should be knowledgeable in all areas of information systems and programming languages. Applicants should either be pursuing or possess a degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.

 Information Management

Interns will be responsible for the collection and management of information from sources pertinent to WTC and the distribution of that information to our clients. Other responsibilities include maintenance and organization of that information. Applicants should either be pursuing or possess a degree in Management Information Systems or Information Decision Sciences.

Business Administration

Intern responsibilities would include managing and performing business operations. Interns will actively help in the collaboration of major business decisions and the implementation of those decisions. Applicants should either possess or be pursuing a degree in Business, Finance or Accounting.

Web Development

The role of interns in web development includes the creation of visual designs that allow our clients to utilize web and mobile apps easily. This position involves creative design execution and strong design principles. Strong applicants would possess proficiency in HTML/CSS and Adobe Photoshop. Applicants should be pursuing a degree in Web Design or Digital Media.

Restaurant Hospitality

The World Trade Council, as one of its entrepreneurial projects, is currently involved the hands-on management of the PhD Pub. PhD Pub is a bar and beer garden located within the broad University of Illinois (UIC) campus and services, among its various customer bases, which includes students, faculty and supporting staff, participants in the UIC Forum occupying the same geographic area with PhD Pub.  The internship position requires an individual with credentials in the hospitality industry…both academically and as a practical experience. We will consider an intern with solely academic credentials, provided they display a passion for applying the practical application of their skills they’ve acquired and learning the hospitality industry from the ground level. They will be required to engage with other interns whose disciplines may be removed from those activities typically associated with the hospitality industry.