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The Declaration of Independence

It requires an enlightened citizenry to protect and preserve that miracle of 1776.
Our forefathers had pledged their lives and their fortunes to secure those inalienable rights for themselves and their posterity.

  The Constitution of the United States of America

It was only in the aftermath of the revolutionary war that the realization that the articles of confederation could not/
would not ensure, for themselves or their posterity, the proposition that “all men are endowed with certain inalienable rights.”
Hence the 1787 constitutional convention, which produced, in order to form a more perfect union that could protect those inalienable rights, the Constitution of the United States of America.

The Bill of Rights

  That constitution, with its three branches of representative government, provided us with protection from the tyranny of government that fomented the revolution of 1776.   However, the constitution itself was silent on what , from the tyranny of government, it was designed to protect.  To fill that gap, the framers of the Constitution added the Bill of Rights to make firm those inalienable rights.  First and foremost among the Bill of Rights was Freedom of Speech.  Ironically, those who now control the media have become the primary threat to the Bill of Rights.   The new tyrants threatening our freedoms are now those who control the media.  Supreme in the knowledge that those who control the media control public opinion, they have become the new tyrant…the new threat to those freedoms that were forged around that miracle of 1776. Like all tyrants, those media giants and those who control them subscribe to the belief that “The function of our modern day media is to lead (???), and control public opinion.”

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