Is Torture Being Facilitated Under Obama?

Brutal acts were committed by intelligence agents while under George W. Bush’s presidency, but is the same continuing under Obama’s presidency? In an unbiased view, read more on this issue.

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The editor of the WTC has chosen to include, as an important contrast, the soliloquy of Colonel Kurtz’s (played by Marlon Brando) from the award winning film, “Apocalypse Now.”  Words that reach deep into our most primitive nature. Words that reach back to the beginning of everything.  ...

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Tribunal hearing legal challenge over GCHQ surveillance claims

A tribunal is hearing a legal challenge by civil liberty groups against the alleged use of mass surveillance programmes by UK intelligence services.

Privacy International and Liberty are among those challenging the legality of alleged “interception, collection and use of communications” by agencies.

It follows revelations by the former US intelligence analyst Edward Snowden about UK and US surveillance practices.

The UK government says interception is subject to strict controls.

The case – also brought by Amnesty International and the ...

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Syria Has Massive Rape Crisis


Using a crowd-sourced map for the last year, our team at the Women’s Media Center’s Women Under Siege project, together with Columbia University epidemiologists, the Syrian-American Medical Society, and Syrian activists and journalists, has documented and collected data to figure out where and how women and men are being violated in Syria’s war. And, perhaps most important, by whom?

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