You Might Be A Millennial If…

Does the iPhone4 make you feel nostalgic? Is LinkedIn your current rolodex? Using Zillow as your official real estate agent?

Born between the years of 1980-1999, America’s Gen Y (otherwise referred to as Millennials)  has certainly grown up in a world dominated by technology and have drastically changed social, political, and professional worlds. “We’re living in an age of  networks, not hierarchies; knowledge and wisdom is distributed rather than concentrated amongst gray hair.” – Fast Company

The better you understand the shifting ...

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Sex-change operations to be covered by UIC

Jodi Cohen, of the Chicago Tribune reports that the University of Illinois’s Chicago campus will begin to include funding for sex-change operations within student health insurance. This will cause an increase in the cost of the student’s health insurance policies. There are other schools around the state and country looking into providing this service for students. With the taboo of being a transgender shifting in American society, this may be a trend to look out for in many universities nationwide.

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