How Super are Super Delegates?


By: Becca Mayer

Intern: World Trade Council, Chicago

As a young but interested voter, it is a bit of a shock to learn that the democratic system in America is not direct; the popular vote does not secure nominations or office. For the primary, the math of how a nominee actually becomes nominated varies with the Republican and Democrat parties, however both use a delegate system. The Republican system happens to ...

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Skies Darken for GOP Budget


House Republicans departed Washington on Wednesday for a two-week recess without moving any closer to a consensus on how to resolve their months-long budget battle.

Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) will now have just four days to bridge wide gaps within the GOP on a trillion-dollar spending blueprint when members return in mid-April. An agreement on the budget has remained elusive for months, with GOP lawmakers refusing ...

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Brown: Pension Decision Sends City Back to Square None

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel testifies during the House Committee Hearing on Personnel and Pensions at the Illinois State Capitol Tuesday in 2012. (AP File Photo/Seth Perlman)

CHICAGO 03/24/2016, 03:36pm

From the Chicago Sun-Times

By: Mark Brown

OK, now what?

Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the city pension crisis landed back at square one Thursday, the main difference being that square one is now located in a deeper hole than when Emanuel took over as mayor five years ago.

Emanuel is not really to ...

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Hey, Ohio: Get Over Mount McKinley

The Editors: “McKinley’s connection to the mountain is a political curio that, understandably, Alaskans have long been eager to leave behind. … There are plenty of ways to honor McKinley, a Civil War veteran whose presidency was characterized by expansionism abroad (the U.S. annexed Puerto Rico, the Philippines, Hawaii and Guam during his tenure) and protectionism at home. But any such honors ought to relate to his life and work.”

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Black Lives Matter Reclaims the 14th Amendment

Cass Sunstein: “After the Civil War, the nation ratified the 14th Amendment, much of which adopts phrases from the original Constitution and Bill of Rights. But one line was startlingly new: ‘nor shall any state . . . deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.’ Here’s one way to understand the central meaning of the equal protection clause: Black lives matter.”

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The Wonderful Life Of Being A Lifeguard In Newport Beach, California

According to the data posted at
  • The City Manager has a comp package of $248,891 plus another $63,000 plus in benefit costs – we assume that job doesn’t involve rescuing swimmers in dangerous surf.
  •  In 2013, 31 city employees earned more than any governor in the nation – including the Deputy City Manager ($207,658), Municipal Operations Director ($237,351), City Attorney ($241,081), Assistant City Manager ($198,707), Public Works Director ($189,417), and Community Development Director ($189,417), Recreation & Senior Service Director ($180,549), ...
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