Sochi Winter Olympics: A Chinese Social Media Perspective

Chinese President Xi Jinping arrived at Sochi in Russia on February 6th and attended the opening ceremony of the 22nd Winter Olympic Games and met with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

Security has been a large international concern to the Games due to Sochi’s proximity to the unstable, mainly Muslim region of North Caucasus. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kozak said Thursday that Russia could guarantee public security as well as any other government that hosts any vast event. Despite the security promises, Western ...

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The Crisis in Pensions and Retirement Plans

Here is an infographic “The Crisis in Pensions and Retirement Plans”.

This article provides useful information in terms of understanding a brief history of retirement in the U.S. It also gives facts and stats about possibility that the U.S. economy will support many retired people. Moreover, you can learn a lesson from Australia, one of the countries with strongest pension programs based on 2013 pensions.

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You Might Be A Millennial If…

Does the iPhone4 make you feel nostalgic? Is LinkedIn your current rolodex? Using Zillow as your official real estate agent?

Born between the years of 1980-1999, America’s Gen Y (otherwise referred to as Millennials)  has certainly grown up in a world dominated by technology and have drastically changed social, political, and professional worlds. “We’re living in an age of  networks, not hierarchies; knowledge and wisdom is distributed rather than concentrated amongst gray hair.” – Fast Company

The better you understand the shifting ...

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Consumer Confidence Index On The Rise as Economy Starts To Slowly Take Off

Our nation has been in an economic repression since late 2007 going into 2008 and with the obvious constant fluctuation within our economy finally the nation has seen some improvements. With the months and years to come, the only thing the citizens can hope for is some sort of a consistent increase. Home prices have been increasing along with job availability. Stocks are finally setting some record highs. Investors were able to see the growth in the consumer confidence index ...

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