2012 Teacher Salaries for Skokie

2012 TEACHER SALARIES FOR SKOKIE — for 36 week work year (16 week vacation). Top of 12 yr salary schdule was $133,000 plus approx 25% additional in benefits. (18% to pension, etc.) 2016 salary schedule is approximately $30,000 higher plus additional 20% bonus during retirement year. Teacher can retire at age 55 with $130,000 pension growing at 3% annually.

Teacher Salary Database
Niles Twp CHSD 219 2012 Download data
Ackman, Scott
Ahearn, Caroline
Ahmad, Tayyaba
Akwa, ...
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New AP History Curriculum Emphasizes Negative View of U.S. History, Principles

The College Board has changed its Advanced Placement U.S. history curriculum so it now omits central figures and battles from American history and puts in their place negative depictions of U.S. history and principles.

The organization claims its material only adds to and does not replace state-based material. The College Board was contacted for comment but did not respond.

“There are about 500,000 kids a year who take AP U.S. History,” said Texas State Board of Education member Ken Mercer, who opposes ...

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Study: Common Core Disserves Math, Science Students

Common Core standards do not prepare students of math and sciences adequately for college, despite their claim to be “aligned with college and careerexpectations,” a new study on the standards reveals.

The highest-level math class required for students under the Common Core is a partial algebra II course, which is insufficient preparation for complex university level courses, the Pioneer Institute study “The Revenge of K-12” reports. The study was conducted by Richard Phelps, founder of the Nonpartisan Education Review, and James Milgram, an ...

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By Ulysses Arn – 

With a new school year upon us the Superintendent of the Peru Elementary School District 124, Mark Cross, has penned a scathing letter to parents explaining his opposition to Common Core aligned standardized testing that all school districts in Illinois are required to take part in this school year.


The full letter from Superintendent Cross via the districts Facebook page:
Dear Parents,
Today is the first day of the 2014-15 ...
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