The Coddling of the American Mind

Something strange is happening at America’s colleges and universities. A movement is underway, undirected and driven largely by students, to scrub campuses clean of words, ideas, and subjects that might cause discomfort or give offence. With this, come numerous articles written by Professors talking about how education has changed.  A number of popular comedians, including Chris Rock, have stopped performing on college campuses.

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The 25 Most Promising Jobs For Millennials

How many members of the Millennial generation are carving out careers as elevator installers and repairers? More than you might think. Some 41% of people in that profession are between the ages of 18 and 34. Their median income is a healthy $76,650 and the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that job growth in the field will be 25% by 2022.

Those stats land elevator installers in eighth place on a new list of top jobs for Millennials, put out by ...

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Advance Placement Test?

June 2, 2015
Letter Opposing the 2014 APUSH Framework

The teaching of American history in our schools faces a grave new risk, from an unexpected source. Half a million students each year take the Advanced Placement (AP) exam in U.S. History. The framework for that exam has been dramatically changed, in ways certain to have negative consequences.

We wish to express our opposition to these modifications. The College Board’s 2014 Advanced Placement Examination shortchanges students by imposing on them an arid,fragmentary,and misleading ...

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2012 Teacher Salaries for Skokie

2012 TEACHER SALARIES FOR SKOKIE — for 36 week work year (16 week vacation). Top of 12 yr salary schdule was $133,000 plus approx 25% additional in benefits. (18% to pension, etc.) 2016 salary schedule is approximately $30,000 higher plus additional 20% bonus during retirement year. Teacher can retire at age 55 with $130,000 pension growing at 3% annually.

Teacher Salary Database
Niles Twp CHSD 219 2012 Download data
Ackman, Scott
Ahearn, Caroline
Ahmad, Tayyaba
Akwa, ...
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