Better Health Depends on Us, Not Just Health Care

With the rates of obesity rising in the US and other countries around the world directly causing more cases of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart attacks, etc., more attention is being brought to ways in which people should take care of themselves more. This includes, exercise (at least 30 minutes a day) and healthy, organic, whole-grain, gluten-free, low-saturated fat, low-sodium foods. However, practicing neuro-surgeon, Sanjay Gupta raises the question whether decrease in average health is due to Health insurance, and whether ...

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You Might Be A Millennial If…

Does the iPhone4 make you feel nostalgic? Is LinkedIn your current rolodex? Using Zillow as your official real estate agent?

Born between the years of 1980-1999, America’s Gen Y (otherwise referred to as Millennials)  has certainly grown up in a world dominated by technology and have drastically changed social, political, and professional worlds. “We’re living in an age of  networks, not hierarchies; knowledge and wisdom is distributed rather than concentrated amongst gray hair.” – Fast Company

The better you understand the shifting ...

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Detroit is Allowed to File for Bankruptcy

A U.S. Bankruptcy judge ruled that the city of Detroit is eligible to enter into Chapter 9 bankruptcy because it met specific criteria required to receive protection from its creditors. See Article 1 to read more.

“Detroit is burdened by $18.5 billion in debt as it struggles to provide even the most basic services to the city’s 700,000 residents. About 40 percent of the city’s streetlights do not work and about 78,000 abandoned buildings litter the city, whose population peaked ...

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A Glance at the Minimum Wage Issue

Should the minimum wage be increased? And if so, by how much? What sort of effects will an increase have? Is it necessary? These are the types of questions that must be asked when talking about minimum wage.

The Federal mandated minimum wage currently sits at $7.25 per hour. If someone worked 40 hours per week for 50 weeks a year, he/she would earn $14,500 for the year. But he/she would not be taking all of that home. 6.2% of that total ...

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Dear Millennials: Your retirement is in trouble

A message to all the young adults struggling to find a place in today’s economy: It gets worse.

Find a job and save your brains out for retirement, Gen Y. And, educate yourself on the ways the older generation helped you get into this mess. It seems Millennials are the generation least prepared for retirement, and for a good number of reasons. They face a particularly intense version of this country’s income growth challenge. Let’s dispense with the basics right up front. ...

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